Indigo Vat Dyeing

This one day workshop covers the process of creating the indigo vat and creating a selection of fabric and thread samples.  Participants are able to create complex patterns and explore this beautiful dyeing technique in depth and to developing a range of samples for dyeing. Participants will also be able to concurrently prepare rusted fabrics which perfectly complement the colours of indigo.  All participants will commence preparation and pre-stitching their samples through a private Facebook page established for workshop participants (arrangements can be made for participants who are not able to join the Facebook page). Techniques covered include various aspects of shibori,  pole wrapping (arashi) and various forms of thread knotting (ne-maki).  Workshop fee includes provision of dyes and mixes, participants supply own fabric and items for use in resist work.  Bring lunch or can be ordered in; morning and afternoon tea and light refreshments available throughout the day.  Times:  9.30 am – 3.30 pm  at  Aliquilts Studios. Cost $85